J.A.S. Trent Inc.

With over a 20 years of experience in New York New Jersey and Connecticut, J.A.S. Trent Inc. understands the daily demands out there for those searching for their next or even first employment, and the sometimes more difficult demands of those seeking the perfect employee. Here we know what you want, and we pride ourselves in our ability to find that perfect match between employee and employer.

J.A.S. Trent Inc. will help you:

- Reduce stress in looking for new employees.
- Recruit the perfect candidate for the job.
- Find those looking for a new job the perfect position.
- Find expert professionals in all carreers.

Thinking of making a big career move? Consult J.A.S. Trent Inc, we may have that perfect position waiting for you. Whether you are looking for jobs in pharmacy, engineering, medicine, health care, dental, computer, law, or accounting, we specialize in ALL fields.

For a fast response contact us by email: info@alltristateconsulting.com